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Curriculum Design

The complete curriculum is geared to fulfill the California Common Core State Standards (CCCSS).


Christian understanding and formation are developed through a program presenting Catholic doctrine, liturgy, Scripture, prayer, and moral development, Christian social action, and the Church, throughout each unit of the school year. St. Basil’s uses texts from RCL-Benziger and the Bible. Students are prepared in the classroom for the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

Family Life

Reverence for life as taught by the Catholic Church is promoted throughout Grades K-8. This includes Christian Catechesis in human sexuality and skills which encourage self-esteem, self- respect, and self-discipline.


McGraw-Hill, California Treasures, is used in Grades K-5. This is a developmental reading program that emphasizes word analysis and comprehension in the primary grades and comprehension and study skills in the intermediate grades. Activity books provide application of skills in all grade levels. Literature is taught in 6th, 7th and 8th grades using Pearson’s Literature and a variety of texts.


The chapters in Scott Foresman, California Mathematics, Grades K-5 are organized around basic skills with emphasis on practice and reinforcement. Grades 6-8 use Prentice-Hall Mathematics, California edition. There is an emphasis on the realistic application to other subject areas such as science and social studies.

English/Language Arts

Grades K-5 have a specially designed program appropriate for each level by McGraw-Hill, California Treasures. Grades 6-8 use Everyday Spelling by Pearson as well as various supplemental materials. These programs are designed to prepare the student to write and speak effectively. They include the teaching of grammar, usage, mechanics, the development of creative writing skills and an appreciation of literature and poetry.

Social Studies

History, geography and civics are studied in the context of cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds of various groups within society. McDougall-Littell and Harcourt are publishers of the Social Studies texts used at St. Basil’s School.


Grades K-6 use Scott Foresman Science and grades 7-8 use Exploring Science by Prentice Hall. Grades K-8 also use Full Option Science System, developed by Lawrence Hall of Science. Supplementing the Jr. High science program is a fully equipped lab for experimentation.


Correct spelling is expected in all subjects and is an integrated program throughout all curricular areas. Handwriting skills are encouraged at each grade level.

Computer Literacy

This program is designed to follow the Diocesan guidelines for computer skills necessary to function in a computer and technology-oriented society. Topics included in the curriculum are “Computers in Today’s Society,” general knowledge of computer hardware and software, and computer ethics. All programs are designed for the appropriate Grade K-8 levels. Computer classes supplement the classroom curriculum.

Physical Education

Supervised periods of physical education for all students are held on a regular basis (except for those who are legitimately excused in writing for health reasons). Skill development, nutrition, sportsmanship, and physical exercise are the key elements of the program.


A general introduction to the Spanish language and culture is offered in Grades K-8.

Fine Arts

Art is taught in grades 1-8. Music is taught in grades 3-8.

School Notes & Reminders