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Student Learning Expectations 4-8

Through Grace a St. Basil Student is a(n)

Globally Minded Citizen

  • Applies knowledge of the natural environment to care for God’s creation.
  • Respects individuality and cultural diversity.
  • Uses resources responsibly to improve and inform local and worldwide communities.

Respectful and Helpful Individual

  • Cooperates as a team member, accepting help as well as giving it to others.
  • Shares talents and resources to uphold the dignity of others.
  • Works with authority figures in a polite and engaged manner.

Active Lifelong Learner

  • Demonstrates a thirst for knowledge and a passion for creativity.
  • Critically applies research to evaluate and solve problems.
  • Sets goals and establishes positive routines to support mind, body and soul.

Catholic Leader

  • Respects human life from conception to natural death.
  • Models and promotes the teachings of Jesus.
  • Serves their community according to the Catholic Christian tradition.
  • Applies Catholic teachings to make decisions toward peaceful resolutions.
  • Participates in personal and communal prayer and worship.

Effective Communicator

  • Speaks truthfully, tactfully and concisely.
  • Shares thoughts, feelings and life lessons in order to attain deeper understanding.
  • Uses well-developed oral, written and listening skills.
  • Communicates information using spoken, written and technological methods.

School Notes & Reminders