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What exactly is “Scrip”?

Scrip is a certificate used in place of cash or checks at participating stores and restaurants. Anyone (family and friends) can purchase scrip. The scrip program costs families no additional money. Each family is responsible for earning $200.00 in rebates per school year or you have the option of buying out of Scrip for a cost of $200.00 per school year. What are rebates? Rebates are the discounted amount each retailer sells their cards at. Families receive dollar-for-dollar value at all participating stores. Scrip, purchased by family or friends USING YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER, will apply to your participation.

Shop with Scrip

Order Scrip (gift cards) for everyday purchases or as gifts online through Scrip gift cards are exactly the same as those you would buy at the store and are purchased at face value. Our school will automatically receive the rebate and your purchase will go towards your family Scrip commitment.

How To Get Started:

To sign up, simply go to, then click "Enroll Now!" on the main page. Fill out and submit the registration form. Make sure you list the student's name to ensure your family receives the credit.


Click on "Shop" at the top of the page to start ordering your gift cards. Review your order and press the "Checkout" button.


You may choose to pay in two ways: (1) by check made out to the school, or (2) pay for cards via PrestoPay/credit card. PrestoPay is a secure bank auto-debit payment system similar to PayPal. You can use PrestoPay/credit card to pay for new card purchases or reload existing cards. Please note that a 39-cent processing fee is applied to your orders. Your bank account information is required upon registration.


Can't wait for your scrip card? ScripNow gives you the ability to print your scrip cards instantly when you use PrestoPay/credit card.

Go to and start ordering your Scrip today!

Paper Scrip

Paper Scrip is a form of gift certificate or card that the school purchases at a discount and resells to supporters at the face value for which it can be redeemed. Depending on the vendor, the school can earn from 1% to 25% of the face value of the scrip certificate.

Each vendor provides its own Scrip, some with the words “Gift Certificate” printed on it. At the store it spends just like cash; there are no catches or hidden charges. If your purchases require change, each store has its own policy.