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Tuition and Fees

Registration Fees and Tuition for the 2023-2024 School Year

The Registration Fee is $350.00 per child and is NON-REFUNDABLE. The Registration Fee includes the Student Enrollment Fee, Curriculum Fee and Classroom Expense Fee.

1. What is the tuition rate?

Parishioner Rate
Child/ren Yearly Tuition Yearly Technology Fee Monthly Payment Tuition Total
1 child $ 6,534 $ 220 $ 614 $ 6,754
2 children $ 12,234 $ 440 $ 1,152 $ 12,674
3 children $ 17,159 $ 660 $ 1,620 $ 17,819
4 children $ 21,395 $ 880 $ 2,025 $ 22,275
NON Parishioner Rate
Child/ren Yearly Tuition Yearly Technology Fee Monthly Payment Tuition Total
1 child $ 7,171 $ 220 $ 672 $ 7,391
2 children $ 13,499 $ 440 $ 1,267 $ 13,939
3 children $ 19,068 $ 660 $ 1,793 $ 19,728

please contact the school if 5 children or 4 children (non-parishioner) for rates.

Parishioner: Involved, practicing, registered, contributing member of St. Basil’s Parish. In order to receive the

Parishioner rate, families are required to contribute $200 annually ($4 per week) to St. Basil Parish through regular

use of the envelopes. This classification must be approved by the St. Basil Parish office.

Non-Parishioner: Is not an involved, practicing, registered contributing member of St. Basil Parish.

2. What are the specific payment amounts for each payment method?

  • Single Payment Option: 4% discount if paid by June 20, 2023.
  • Two Payment Option: 2 equal payments, due June 20, 2023 and January 22, 2024.
  • Monthly Payment Option: 11 monthly payments beginning July 2023 - May 2024.

There is an option through FACTS, of making additional payments online.

ALL payments (registration, tuition and other fees) will be made utilizing FACTS Tuition Management Services.

3. What are the Registration Fees?

Fee includes Textbooks, Yearbooks, Diocesan Assessment, Accident Insurance, Health Fee, Standardized

Testing – STAR Testing and ACT and other fixed Costs.

Registration Fees and due dates (per student)
(Discounted) March 1 – 15, 2023 $300
March 16, 2023 – April 30, 2023 $350
May 1, 2023 and after $400
Additional Fees
8th Grade ONLY – Graduation Fee
$ 250
Fundraising/Scrip Buyout Amount $ 400

Families may choose to make one payment (full amount) due in June or two equal payments, due in July and January. Arrangements to make monthly payments (11 month plan) must be made through the FACTS Tuition Management Service. The monthly payment amount starts in July 2022, subject to change depending on enrollment start date. Families who plan to make any manual payments must make the payments in the main office. If your tuition payments fall two months behind, your student(s) enrollment will be in jeopardy.

Parishioners are defined as those families who are involved, practicing, registered contributing members of St. Basil Parish. In order to continue receiving the Parishioner rate, families are required to contribute $200 annually ($4 per week) to St. Basil Parish through regular use of the envelopes. Non-parishioners are those who do not.

Family Commitment

For the academic year 2022-2023, the cost of education per child is approximately $7000. Tuition covers about 97% of the total cost. Cost is kept as low as possible because of substantial Parish support, the contributed services of our dedicated teachers, and the fundraisers and contributed services of our faithful parents. The Advisory Commission has a strong policy of Fair Share access to these tuition subsidies.

The “Parental Involvement” policy, amended March, 1995, states:

“In order to promote Catholic Christian involvement in the Parish and School so that the children may see how important we hold Catholic Education, even to the point of personal sacrifice, the following requirements must be completed by all families with children enrolled at St. Basil School:
1) Worshipping together as a family and supporting St. Basil Church as evidenced by registering in the Parish and regular use of Parish contribution envelopes.
2) Fulfilling tuition obligations.
3) Completing the hours commitment and participation in fund-raisers.”

1) Parents’ Club Scrip and Fundraisers

Scrip is a certificate used in place of cash or check to purchase goods at participating stores and restaurants. The scrip program costs families no additional money. Families receive dollar-for-dollar value at all participating stores. Scrip, purchased by friends or family, USING YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER, will apply to your scrip participation. Each family is required to earn $200 in Scrip Rebates (Rebates are a discounted percentage our school earns from each retailer). Families may prefer to opt-out by contributing $200 in lieu of scrip purchases.

The Oktoberfest, Crab Feed, Fun Run and Instant Wine Cellar Raffle are fundraisers to support the school. Families may prefer to opt-out by contributing $200.00 in lieu of fundraising participation.

2) Volunteer Hours

Recognizing the importance of parental involvement in the parish/school community and the many demands on parents’ time, the Advisory Commission has suggested the number of service hours at 30 per family per school year in activities approved by the Principal and the Parents’ Club.

  • 30 hours for two parent families
  • 15 hours for single parent families
  • one Saturday Work party (4 hours)
  • 5 of the 30 hours must be in assisting with the team or games if your child(ren) participate(s) in our Sports Program.

3) It is of the utmost importance

It is of the utmost importance that parents remind themselves that their support of the school, especially in regard to prompt payment of tuition and willingness to volunteer in school projects, is a pre-requisite to re-registration and a condition for continued presence in school. Report cards may be held from families who are delinquent on payments. The school reserves the right to deny re-admission to any family delinquent in tuition or who has not met the school contract. Any family who fails to meet the parent involvement requirements, may be charged increased registration fees for the subsequent year. In addition, failure to support the philosophy, objectives, and policies of the school may also result in a bar to re-admission.

Volunteer Hours, required as part of enrollment in the school, include activities such as time spent working on the auction or crab feed, coaching, or providing yard supervision. Hours should not be credited for attending mandatory meetings (a separate commitment).