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Student Council

We believe in nurturing the next generation of leaders who are grounded in faith, compassion, and service. Our Student Council is a platform where students have the opportunity to make a difference, voice their ideas, and serve their school community.

Led by dedicated students elected by their peers, the Student Council plays a crucial role in representing the student body, organizing events, and implementing positive changes within the school. From planning spirit days and organizing fundraisers to advocating for student needs and promoting school spirit, Student Council members are the driving force behind many of our school's initiatives and traditions.

Through their involvement in Student Council, students develop valuable leadership skills, learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration, and deepen their understanding of servant leadership—values that are at the core of our Catholic identity. They are encouraged to lead by example, to listen with empathy, and to serve with humility, embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ and the call to love and serve others.

Faculty Advisors: Kerry Walsh and Michaela Chiabotti