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Athletics, including Cheerleading, are an integral part of the total education program at St. Basil School. This component teaches understanding and appreciation of teamwork. A true team player is one who is eager to lose himself/herself in the group for the good of the whole. Athletics exemplifies the philosophy that hard work, perseverance and determination bring success, sometimes immediately and sometimes with the passage of time and maturation.

Sports Goals

  • To encourage the participant to maintain a Christian attitude of self-control, a desire to be fair, and a desire to accept the challenge of competition.
  • To aid the participant in the development and appreciation of such traits as team play, leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship, hard work and self-confidence.
  • To develop the participant’s knowledge and understanding of various rules, strategies and skills related to his/her specific skills.
  • To aid the participant in the development of basic physical skills and fundamentals unique to a particular sport.