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Sports/Extracurricular Activities for Boys and Girls

St. Basil School participates with other Catholic schools in Solano county in several athletic sports for grades 5-8. This includes Girls Volleyball, Boys Football, Cheerleading, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Boys Volleyball.

The Solano/Pittsburg Athletic League

The Solano/Pittsburg Athletic League is an integral part of the educational mission of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sacramento and the Diocese of Oakland. The SPAL is dedicated to fostering Christian values and human development, encouraging a positive vision and attitude in our young men and women through exercise, example, teamwork, and athletic competition, and fully recognizing the dignity of each student in Christ’s image. The SPAL acknowledges and upholds the vital role of all parents and volunteers in the SPAL schools.

The athletic program at St. Basil School is motivated and guided by the philosophy and goals outlined in our Parent/Student Handbook. However, for the smooth operation of this program, some other goals and guidelines are necessary. Before listing them, the Administration wishes to acknowledge parents and coaches’ support, participation, and cooperation, without whom the athletic program would not exist.

Objectives of the School Athletic Program

  • To teach Christian values.
  • To teach sportsmanship and the value of athletic participation.
  • To teach the importance of practice and the management of time.
  • To develop acceptance and appreciation of others.
  • To teach fundamental skills and rules of athletic competition.
  • To develop students physically.
  • To develop good health habits.
  • To provide a proper outlet for youthful energy.

Requirements for eligibility:

  • Parents must sign permission slips allowing their child to participate in the St. Basil Athletic Sports Program.
  • Students must be in good physical condition. Students must have medical clearance from a doctor every school year to participate in the sports program.
  • Students must follow the rules and regulations as outlined in the Player's Code of Conduct.
  • The Principal or Athletic Director may dismiss any player from any team for violating the rules of eligibility.
  • The Administration retains the right to make exceptions in particular situations regarding eligibility.

SPAL Player’s Code of Conduct

  1. Players shall show respect to coaches, officials, and teammates at all times.
  2. Players shall show respect to the members of opposing teams.
  3. Players shall cooperate with all reasonable demands from their coaches.
  4. Players receiving disciplinary suspension shall be ineligible for a period of time determined by the principal.
  5. Missed practices and/or games must be communicated to the coach before the absence. Non-communicated absences will be unexcused. Three (3) unexcused absences may result in removal from the team.
  6. Players will be expected to attend and be on time for all games and practices.
  7. An absence from school could result in a player being ineligible on that day for either practice or a game. Example: If a player is absent from school on Friday and there is a game on Friday night, that player may not play in that game. If a game is scheduled on a weekend and the player was not in school on Friday, then the player may be allowed to play in Saturday or Sunday’s game.
  8. Participants guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or using obscene language may be dropped from the team.
  9. Removal of a player from a team shall have the approval of the principal and athletic director.
  10. Players shall be considered eligible to play in league games when registration fees are paid.
  11. Players will be expected to put forth the effort to condition their bodies and learn the basic skills of the game.

SPAL Parents’ Code of Conduct

  1. Without the participation of parents, the listed objectives will not be achieved. The Administration relies on you to support the philosophy as it applies to athletic activities. This philosophy will be expressed in conduct at games, relating to officials, and how we encourage young athletes.
  2. It is a mark of courtesy and gratitude to coaches to ensure players are dropped off and picked up promptly for games and practices.
  3. Children must remain supervised inside the facility. The supervision of non-team siblings is the responsibility of the parents.
  4. Make sure that your child wants to participate in a sport. To get the most out of a sport, children should play to please themselves, not parents or coaches.
  5. If, or when problems arise, they should be addressed appropriately and properly with the coach. If not satisfactorily settled, the problem should be brought to the attention of the athletic director or principal.
  6. Parents should properly conduct themselves when attending games. Never yell demeaning remarks to officials, coaches, or players on either team. There is a great deal of difference between cheering and verbal abuse. Derogatory or profane language will result in your ejection from the stands/ballpark. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban from all athletic events.
  7. Support all efforts to eliminate verbal and physical abuse from children’s activities.
  8. Encourage your child/children to always play by the rules.
  9. Parents should recognize that an honest effort is a primary objective over winning and losing. Remember that the goal of the game is to have children learn the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.