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Extended Care

Extended Care

This is a non-profit, self-supporting program and is being offered as a service to St. Basil’s parents. St. Basil’s School provides an Extended Care Program from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M, Monday thru Friday. The program is open every school day except the day prior to Christmas break and the last day of school.

The program is located in the classroom next to the faculty room. There are indoor and outdoor activities, and access to the school library for homework and quiet study. Arts and crafts, music and other creative arts activities are provided.

The program is staffed with a director who is responsible for developing and implementing the Extended Care activities. The director is assisted by an appropriate number of assistants to maintain a reasonable student/teacher ratio.

Extended Care Program Reminders

  • Every child who may need Drop-In Service must be registered (24 hour notice required).
  • Billing and payments are handled separately from tuition, with the exception of the Kindergarten Extended Care Program.
  • Study time provided is not a guarantee that all homework will be completed. Parents must check their child’s work nightly and realize that not every child will be able to finish his/her homework at school.
  • Conduct expectations will be identified at the beginning of the school year for students who are staying for the Extended Care Program. Failure to adhere to the expectations will result in loss of enrollment in this program in cases involving serious violation of school rules or persistent and willful violations of rules set out by the Program staff.
  • All registered families in Extended Care are required to be enrolled in FACTS for 2022-2023 as all payments for Extended will now be processed thru FACTS.