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Approximately 302 students in grades PS through 8 are enrolled at St. Basil School.

Class size

The average class size is 28.

Student Ethnicity

Asian: 24%, Black: 4%, Other: 15%, White: 23% and Multi Racial: 37%.


Students wear a uniform daily. The purpose of the uniform code is to focus on the inner qualities of each student rather than on the exterior additions. Its design is meant to alleviate the cost of clothing for parents, and to eliminate the status factor of costly labels for the children.


10 classrooms each equipped with AV equipment, projectors in every class, six with interactive SMARTboards, and nine document cameras; ten Apple TVs and Chromebooks in Grade 3-8, iPads in TK-2, a library; a multi-purpose facility which serves as gym and assembly space; a state of the art kitchen; a play structure, blacktop courts, and outdoor lunch tables. As part of the larger education ministry of the Catholic Church, students also regularly worship at St. Basil Church.

Standardized Testing

Students participate in ACT/Aspire Summative standardized testing. We also participate in STAR Assesments four times a year which is used for diagnostic purposes to assist teachers in gauging progress and enhancing curriculum. Students in the Diocese of Sacramento consistently score above the national percentiles in all grades for all subjects (Reading, Language, Math, Social Studies, and Science). This distinguishes Catholic schools and demonstrates how instruction focuses on comprehensive learning and retention.

Progress Report for St. Basil


Our students are well-prepared for high school, easily transitioning to St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School and the new academic, social and spiritual opportunities before them.

Teaching Staff

The school employs 13 full-time teachers and 6 part-time teachers.There are 6 teacher assistants. The Extended Care program (before and after school) is directed by Mrs. Teresa Lyon. The St. Basil Pre-School staff is under the direction of Mrs. Lisa Butler.

Technology Literacy

This program is designed to support students in the use of computers to acquire the implied technological skills necessary to achieve mastery in the common core standards. The curriculum includes topics such as general computer use and terminology, keyboarding, file management and workflow, digital citizenship, office productivity applications (word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows), educational tools and research, coding and webdesign, 3D modelling, and basic graphic design as appropriate for each grade level, Kindergarten through eighth grade.


A general introduction to the Spanish language and culture is taught in Grades TK-8.

Fine Arts and Music

Art and Music is taught in grades K-8.

Physical Education/Athletics

Supervised periods of physical education for all students--except for those who are legitimately excused in writing for health reasons--are held on a regular basis. Physical exercise, skill development, and sportsmanship are the key elements of the program. Students may also opt to participate in team sports, competing with students from other regional Catholic schools. Athletics are an integral part of the total education program.

Community Service

All students participate in annual service activities that promote community awareness. Students in the upper grades are expected to participate in at least one class project and one individual project each school year. Our students make a significant contribution of community service outside of school, such as helping to feed the needy at a local church once a week. Further, all grades engage in service projects to reach out to people in need before Thanksgiving, during Advent, and during Lent.

Activities/Student Organizations

Extra-curricular activities are offered to enhance opportunities for students to attain the Student Learning Expectations. These school-moderated activities include Student Council, Traffic Patrol, Yearbook, Sports, Campus Ministry, Spelling Bee, Talent Show, and other activities as student interest indicates and as faculty members are able to accommodate. The Diocese of Sacramento also offers opportunities for students to share their gifts and talents in the Diocesan Speech Contest and the Jr. High Academic Decathlon.


Since 1949 more than $300,000 has been contributed to the endowment fund. Parish and school families and community supporters give to this fund to ensure the legacy of local Catholic education.

Other Fund Development Activities

St. Basil School reaches out to build community and grow financial resources via its Annual Fund and various smaller fund-raising activities.